Good news for mobile phone users!

I’ve just done another major update of the Word Helper site.  For most of you, you may not see much difference.  But it you access Word Helper from a mobile phone, hopefully you should find it much, much easier to navigate!

As a reminder, if you use an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you may still find my two native iOS apps easier to use:

Word Finder (for Scrabble, Words with Friends, etc)

The Crossword Solver

But for users of Android, Windows Phone, etc, the mobile-responsive design of Word Helper should make it usable on the move now 🙂

There are a few very small changes to the layout for the main desktop site.  Sorry about that – I know that change is often unwelcome – but I’ve kept them to a minimum, and they were unavoidable in order to make the site change automatically to whatever size screen you view it on.

I’ve tested the site thoroughly on my desktop computer, my iPhone, and my iPad, and it seems to work well.  But if you see any problems, let me know.  A screenshot of how the site looks on your device can also help me solve any problems!

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One Response to Good news for mobile phone users!

  1. Richard says:

    I’ve only had one piece of feedback so far. Sadly it was from an anonymous user (please can leave your email in the future so I can contact you?)

    One of their complaints was that I’d removed the ability to zoom in on the screen on mobile devices. You’re right, that was a mistake. I did it to try to make navigation easier on small screens, but I’ve now found another way to achieve the same thing, so I’ve put the zoom facility back in 🙂 I should probably have never removed it. Sorry for the blip!

    The second comment was about using a drop-down menu for dictionary selection instead of ‘radio buttons’. I did this because on a small screen the radio buttons didn’t fit, and all overlapped each other. I’m also doing it because I’m hoping to add more dictionaries in the near future, and then it would be hard to fit them all in even on a desktop site. So I’m afraid that’s going to have to stay the same for now. But a question for you all – do people change dictionaries very often?

    Finally one comment made me laugh: “who ever did theses modifications should be fired!!!” Well in case it’s not obvious, there’s only me here making this site! If I fired myself I’d be gone and they’d be no site at all 😉

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