Announcing the Crossword Solver

After many years of running this site for Scrabble, Words with Friends, and other similar word games, I decided it was time to spread the net wider.

Today I’ve created a new section The Crossword Solver.  As the name suggests, you can use it to solve crossword clues when you’re stuck.

Just put in the letters you’ve already found, and question marks for the blanks, and it will show all the words in the dictionary which could fit in that position.  For example ‘?X?M?L?’ would find ‘EXAMPLE’.

Of course, you still have to work out which of the possibilities best fits the clue, but we wouldn’t want to take all the fun out of the crossword would we 🙂

As usual, you can also download The Crossword Solver as an iPhone and iPad app if that’s more convenient.

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  1. William l. Palmer III says:

    This looks like this could be very useful information!

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