Site maintenance: Wed 18 May – Thu 19 May 2016

I’ve just been notified by the company that hosts my webserver that they need to turn it off for about 10 minutes to replace the power supply that it is plugged into.

They will be doing this overnight between Wed 18 May and Thu 19 May.

In my local timezone (British Summer Time) this will be sometime between 5am and 8am Thu 19 May.

In Eastern Daylight Time, this will be between midnight and 3am Thu 19 May.

In Pacific Daylight Time, this will be between 9pm and midnight Wed 18 May.

It should only be off for about 10 minutes sometime within the three-hour window (they are unplugging and replugging all the servers in the rack, so they can’t predict exactly when mine will be rebooted).

So if the site isn’t available on those days, just wait 10 minutes and try again 🙂

Sorry for the inconvenience, but apparently a fault has developed with the power supply, so this should prevent unexpected interruptions down the road!

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