Scrabble Cheat

I just heard the news that a junior Scrabble player has been ejected from a tournament in Florida for cheating.

What amazing strategy did he use to cheat over his opponent?  He hid 2 blank Scrabble tiles in his hand after the previous game, so that he could use them in his next game!

Hardly the most devious strategy, and not surprising this young Scrabble cheat got caught.  The competitor who spotted his cheating got a standing ovation at the tournament 🙂

Of course, true players like us know that the best way of ‘cheating’ at Scrabble is simply to get better at playing Scrabble!

And what better way to improve than using Word Helper to train your mind to spot the best words?

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Happy Scrabbling, and remember: don’t cheat – improve!



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