New dictionaries

I’ve just made a small update to the dictionaries on the Scrabble Helper site:

  • I’ve added a new dictionary called ‘USA home & school’ – this is the ‘Official Scrabble Players Dictionary’ (OSPD4), sometimes referred to as ‘Merriam Webster’.  It’s based on the official USA Tournament dictionary (Tournament Word List or TWL06) but has removed the more offensive words, so is often used in homes and schools.  The official online version of Scrabble in the USA offers this as an alternative to the TWL dictionary, so it’s useful to include here.
  • I’ve updated the Words With Friends dictionary, since the latest update to Words With Friends removed 14 words that could be considered offensive from their dictionary.  I’ve therefore removed those 14 words to keen mine accurate.

As always, if you notice any problems, let me know.


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