Sorry for the website problems

If you’ve visited Word Helper over the last couple of days you may have noticed all has not been well.

It started on Tuesday when I did a routine upgrade to the web server.  It should have taken less than 2 minutes and then been back up as normal.  Sadly things didn’t go smoothly, and the server failed to reboot.

I then tried to start my backup web server that I keep for such occasions, and I swapped over to that server.  Unfortunately I found that I hadn’t updated that server when I moved Scrabble Helper to Word Helper, so it didn’t have the Word Helper site on it.  As a result anyone visiting Word Helper got redirected to my main company homepage (Richard Loxley Ltd).  I tried to restore the Word Helper site from my backups, but then discovered a problem with my backups!

So I had to get the original server back up.  It took about 2 hours, and then it can take a while for all the DNS servers on the internet to notice the original server is back up, so some people saw the Richard Loxley Ltd page for longer than that.  Oops – sorry 🙁

I then had to fix the bigger problems with the original server, which I’ve been doing over the last 2 days.  Luckily I was able to do that without too much downtime – but I did have to restart the server several times over the last 2 days, so you may have noticed a few occasions when the page didn’t respond for a minute or two.

I believe that everything is back to normal now.  If you’re still having problems then please contact me and I’ll try to sort it out.

Sorry for messing up 🙁

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