Ok, so I made a mistake!


You will probably already know that due to legal problems I had to rename the site from its original name of scrabblehelper.net.

Well I only had a week to do it, and so I had to choose a new name quickly.

I reckoned a lot of the site’s users would miss the announcement, and would turn to Google to find the new site.  After a couple of hours of research I found that far more people search for phrases including the words ‘cheat’ and ‘words’ than any of my alternative names.  So I quickly registered the name cheatwords.net and moved the site.

Well it turns out that a lot of you really didn’t like the name ‘cheat’.  In retrospect, that should have been obvious to me!  I’d always shied away from the ‘cheat’ label myself in my 5 years running this site.  People use the helper for many reasons, and I’d always felt that the site attracted word lovers who enjoyed playing Scrabble, not cheaters.

I certainly never meant to offend anyone, and didn’t intend to effectively call you cheaters!

Anyway, for the last week I’ve run a poll to see what people thought of the site name, and the results are now in.

A whopping 4590 people voted!

As you can see, the overwhelming majority (66%) wanted the site name to change, and so who am I to argue?

As of today, Word Helper is the new name for the site, and the URL is www.wordhelper.org.

Don’t worry if you still have cheatwords.net bookmarked.  That domain will still work, it will just re-direct to wordhelper.org.

Sorry everyone – I’m only human 🙂

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