New iPhone App!

Last year I did a survey of all the users of Scrabble Helper, and the number 1 most requested feature was a version for the iPhone.

Well it’s taken me rather a long time, but I’ve finally finished it, and it’s going to be released in the iPhone App Store this Thursday!

On the App Store it goes under the long-winded name “Word Finder for Scrabble, Word With Friends, etc” but I call it “Word Finder” for short 🙂

I’ve created a video showing how it works, and put all the information on this page: Scrabble Word Finder App for iPhone.

I’ve also put together a really good offer for anyone who buys it on the first 2 days – but you have to be quick, the special offer will be taken down at the end of Saturday.

I expect the App to go live on Thursday at about 8pm GMT (that’s 1pm PDT, 4pm EDT) – and in Australia that’ll be early Friday morning.

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