Improvement for iPad / iPhone / iPod users

Scrabble Helper user Mark recently suggested an improvement to allow him to use Scrabble Helper on his iPad.

The problem is that Apple products ‘auto correct’ whatever you type in (which can have annoying yet hilarious consequences – as seen on the excellent website

Obviously that’s not so good when you’re trying to enter a random assortment of letters from your Scrabble rack as it tries to make sense of it and ‘correct’ your mistyping.

After a bit of research I’ve found out how to get Scrabble Helper to tell iPads, iPhones and iPods not to auto correct the letters as you input them.

So hopefully Mark can can back to enjoying Scrabble Helper from the comfort of his iPad 🙂

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5 Responses to Improvement for iPad / iPhone / iPod users

  1. Mark says:

    Customer Service…..

    • Richard says:

      I try my best – this one was easy 🙂

      For all the other people who have suggested improvements, I haven’t forgotten, it’s just that some take longer than others!

  2. phairmason says:

    Where can I download Scrabble Helper for the iPhone? I just looked it up on the Apple App Store and no luck.

    Love. Love. Love your site! –Ruthie

    • Richard says:

      Sadly there is no app version yet, you currently have to use the web version on the iPhone/iPad.

      I’d love to have an app in the App Store, but it’s a fair bit of work to get it working, so I’ve got no definite timescale yet I’m afraid.

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