New webserver on the way

We’ve had a lot of new users join Scrabble Helper since the Christmas holidays (welcome everyone!)

However this has made the site a little slow during peak periods.

To try to fix this I’ve just bought a new webserver from my hosting company, that will hopefully be twice as fast as the old one.

This means Scrabble Helper will be unavailable for a short period while we move over to the new server tomorrow (Friday 4 February).  It should take less than 30 minutes to do the move, and I’ve scheduled it for the time when fewest people use the site, namely between 9am and 11am GMT (that’s 4am-6am EST, 1am-3am PST).

You don’t need to update your bookmarks or anything, just visit the site as usual and we’ll be back just the same, but hopefully faster.

I hope everything will be working smoothly after the move, but I’ll be on hand to fix any problems as they arise.

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